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Ali Muiruri

Meet Ali Muiruri

The Creator of Stuff on the Web

I'm Ali Muiruri is a Kenyan-based Website Designer & Developer. Began as a web Designer but developed my skills to create and build profitable e-commerce shops, Successful websites and mobile apps.

Custom Website Developer  for  Wordpress

Get Custom Built WordPress websites that are beautiful, practical, as well as professional

Flutter Developer for Android and IOs Apps

Get Custom Built WordPress websites that are beautiful, practical, as well as professional

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I'll assist you with growing your business online and figuring out how to make your website work for you.

Lottie Animations with Adobe After Effects

I will assist to design & place the Motion graphics you like. Making your UI come alive and better.

Custom Built 

WordPress Websites

One-to-One Build Slot

You'll be my only customer during your development slot, so you can be confident that I'll be able to devote my entire attention to your project and that I'll be accessible to answer any questions you may have.

On Brand Design

I'll add whatever current branding you have, such as logos, color schemes, and pictures. If you don't currently have a brand, I can help you create one.

SEO Optimization

I'll use best practices in search engine optimization to get Google to rank your page as soon as possible... so those potential consumers can discover you.!

Mobile Responsive Layout

Although all of my clients' websites are automatically optimized for mobile browsing, decent design and layout can be difficult to accomplish without a little technical magic. Your website will appear great on any device, whether a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Guaranteed.

In-depth Pre-build Questionnaire

After your booking is confirmed, I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire in which you can tell me all I need to know about your company and brand, your existing website issues, and what you want your new (or first!) website to do for you. Your responses will start my creative juices flowing and my technical mind humming far ahead of your build date.

Planning & Strategy Meetings

We'll meet on Zoom within the first few days of your construction slot to go through your ideas and mine to ensure we're on the same page.

Built in Analytics

I'll include a comprehensive and user-friendly visitor statistics area so you can see who is visiting your website, what material they are seeing, and where they are coming from. In our handover session, I'll guide you through the analytics area. I guarantee it's not as terrifying as it sounds.